about me

I like people a lot. I like helping them achieve their goals and watching as they develop their true potential. 

I have worked in a wide variety of roles and held diverse responsibilities over my professional life.  I have been a consultant, a manager, a merger and acquisition specialist and all of these situations involved people who were facing the challenge of changes either in their organizations or in their own personal lives.  

I have learnt that in trying to cope with change we are often confronted with obstacles such as:

 “I have never done it this way

 “I will start tomorrow

I dont see a need for change

It will never work

I should do it but…

It is just too much

Does it sound familiar? This is where coaching comes into play and I would like to be your partner in your process of change. 

In addition to many years of practical experience in a complex multinational business environment I have learnt the important transferable skills and a wide variety of tools at the Intentional Coach Academy. The school holds an accreditation from International Coach Federation and I am committed to work according to its high professional standards and ethic guidance.

On personal level I bring an empathy and positive attitude for everybody going through challenges and changes in their lives. I have experienced many of transitions myself. I moved to another country and started a new life from scratch. I loved, I lost a loved one. I found a true purpose in my life and passion for coaching. Above it all l I learnt to be present in every moment of my life and to be grateful for what life brings to me.

If you are interested to learn how to better implement positive change in your business and personal life, please contact me.


I started to work with Malgosia because I was going through some changes in my professional life and I needed  to gain some clarity on my goals. When we started to work she asked me some questions and by answering them  I discovered that the problem was actually elsewhere.  At the end of our coaching process I not only gained a clarity about my career but improved my confidence at work and developed better relationship with my cooworkers. Malgosia is a great listener and that togheter with non nonsence ”let’s get things done” attitude really made a difference for me. 

Eric Operations Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands