Always stand on your own side!

It was my pleasure to be part of event. I was asked to run a workshop for women of all kinds.

We women tend to underestimate ourselves. We are perfectionists and always tend to pursue the idea only if we are 100% sure we are qualified. And even when we think we have what it takes we often doubt about our skills and abilities.

I decided to talk about simple steps we all can make to empower ourselves.


Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the right to make mistakes and reward yourself for each success!

Each of you is different and has different set of skills. Your skills are needed.

Name your skills, resources and all you can do well.

The time you take to reflect is a priceless investment towards your confidence and wellbeing.

I hope you all feel a bit more empowered and I am looking forward to meet you during the next workshop.

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