Malgosia helped me to get over my fears and hung-ups, that stopped my from doing things I really liked. She guided me on the way to learn how to make a right decision (my whole life I was very indecisive, what made my life unnecessarily stressing) and to find my path. I can say it all in four words: she is a great coach!

Malgorzata, Buyer, Amsterdam

Malgosia provided me with some essential guidance in only a few coaching sessions. During the coaching sessions, Malgosia had aided me in recognizing what career path I wanted to take on and how to best tackle the challenge of getting on that path. Her methods were at times tough, but the results are phenomenal! I had gone from being afraid to sending out a single CV, to now sending out tailored applications for starting positions and receiving significant interest from recruiters. I know what I want to do, and I know how to do it! I would recommend Malgosia to all students at the end of their academic career that are unsure of what they want to get from the working world. Or, for that matter, anyone who is unsure of what it is that they are trying to achieve in their career. Absolutely fantastic coach!

Lisa, MSc Business Studies graduate, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Thank you Malgosia for the most valuable coaching I received from you which shifted a lot of things in me like my own concepts about going to the next level of my business and earning more revenues. I had a great experience getting coached becuase you are such a wonderful coach who would always be there listening intently to what I expressed and sometimes I would not allow you to speak and wonder how much I am talking but at the end of all that I would get all my answers.

You provided such a safe and comfortable space I could express myself, reflect and get all my answers. I felt motivated to speak, safe to express and felt confident about myself and my insights. You asked me powerful questions and threw light on the right matters so I get the right perspective on things, people and of course on myself.

I feel like going on writing but just like the good coaching had to come to an end I want to sum it up by saying “Whoever gets a coach like you will be fortunate and certainly get the highest value and go to the next level they set for themselves.

Malgosia will help you cross the bridge.” Thank you very much!

Jaahnavi, True Life Purpose & Mindfulness Coach, Bangalore, India

When I think about my coaching sessions with Malgosia, I can only think of one word: Master Coach! From our first introductory session we connected immediately from her personable and warm nature – she is a coach that genuinely cares not only about you achieving your goals but also about you as a person.

A couple of standout points with Malgosia (I could write a lot!) is she is extremely productive with our time, that she keeps me focused on the bigger picture of what I set out for each session and always asks powerful questions to steer me back to my goal so I have an action plan at the end. As a creative I really need this as I tend to go off-topic sometimes and over-think so Malgosia really uses our time effectively; one other attribute that I truly appreciate about her is that she is dedicated and reliable and sticks to her word – she is never late for our sessions and keeps by them (and sends you friendly reminders) even when you’re too busy or you forget! Which really makes you feel like she is always there for you – which is a rare quality, even for a coach.

Not only is Malgosia determined on helping you achieve your goals, but she also brings humour, authenticity, deep care for your being and consistent encouragement to our coaching conversations. She keeps me accountable with my goals by checking up on me regularly, and really helped me with some breakthroughs in my sessions in regards to my career and life transition into my next stage, and I am truly grateful that we connected. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed every session we have had together and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to see improvement and achievement in their lives!

Olivia, Film and Event Producer/Production Manager, Hong Kong & Australia

Coaching with Malgosia helped me to maintain good work life balance I was struggling with over a years.  As a result of coaching I developed number of tools that keep me on truck and I placed a plan that supports my goals.  Malgosia is a very warm person and that made it easy for me to open up and discuss the issues I was facing. The whole experince was not only very productive but very pleasant at the same time. Thank you so much for that!

Jane, PR and Communication Specialist, Singapoure

I started to work with Malgosia because I was going through some changes in my professional life and I needed  to gain some clarity on my goals. When we started to work she asked me some questions and by answering them  I discovered that the problem was actually elsewhere.  At the end of our coaching process I not only gained a clarity about my career but improved my confidence at work and developed better relationship with my cooworkers. Malgosia is a great listener and that togheter with non nonsence ”let’s get things done” attitude really made a difference for me. 

Eric, Operations Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Malgosia is an amazing coach. She was helping me during a big transition in my life. Her ability to observe patterns in my actions helped me to move me to another direction in my life and focus on what really matters to me. I was touched by her warmth, ability to listen and constant support I received through the whole process. I highly recommend working with Malgosia.

Emmy, Consultant, New Jersey, USA

I had coaching sessions with Malgosia Chabrowska for the period of 6 months and it was a great experience. She helped me to clarify my values, define my priorities and establish my goals. She also helped me to clarify which way I should continue my career and how to reach my goals.

Sukru, Student, Istanbul, Turkey

As a rule I don’t ordinarily post these sort of things but this time decided to take a moment to personally thank Malgosia you for all her work with me. I have to say I did have basic understanding of what to expect when I entered into a relationship with Malgosia as my Coach. I knew her business achievements and I admired her for her attitude. I’ve also been quite into self-development and coaching, through many books, trainings etc. Let’s say I was a well-prepared student, just a bit tired with achieving kaizen lifestyle. The thing is, sometimes there is a huge difference between knowing, understanding and our real actions. I wouldn’t say all my everyday actions and choices reflected “my extensive knowledge”. I used to be one of those “I know but” [here comes very sophisticated excuse for keep doing the same stuff] and I would probably go on like that a few years more if it hadn’t started to work with Malgosia. I will never forget one powerful moment in our session when she said: Well, I see that my role as a coach has come to an end here. *

I still have absolutely no idea how she did that. You know what she replied to me when I asked her this “how come” question. She told me I had done it myself. Well, this is one of coaching obvious assumptions but it doesn’t appeal to you when you read it. I wish you to experience this priceless moment! However the hard work, you really have to do it yourself! I believe this will be possible with Malgosia. She will not judge or advice you but I’m sure she will help you to get where you really want to get.

Joanna, Office Manager, Gdansk, Poland 

Malgosia has been an essential part of helping me learn more about myself and what makes me tick.  She supported me as we explored areas and beliefs that were holding me back from achieving who I wanted to be.  Through her coaching, I was able to establish my goals based on what worked best for me, which then lead to the accomplishment of many of my objectives.  Malgosia is an outstanding coach! She was exactly what I needed at that point in my life.

Kari, Rapid City, South Dakota, U.S.A