I am available in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for face to face sessions or I welcome clients from around the world via Skype.

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As a rule I don’t ordinarily post these sort of things but this time decided to take a moment to personally thank Malgosia you for all her work with me. I have to say I did have basic understanding of what to expect when I entered into a relationship with Malgosia as my Coach. I knew her business achievements and I admired her for her attitude. I’ve also been quite into self-development and coaching, through many books, trainings etc. Let’s say I was a well-prepared student, just a bit tired with achieving kaizen lifestyle. The thing is, sometimes there is a huge difference between knowing, understanding and our real actions. I wouldn’t say all my everyday actions and choices reflected “my extensive knowledge”. I used to be one of those “I know but” [here comes very sophisticated excuse for keep doing the same stuff] and I would probably go on like that a few years more if it hadn’t started to work with Malgosia. I will never forget one powerful moment in our session when she said: Well, I see that my role as a coach has come to an end here. *

I still have absolutely no idea how she did that. You know what she replied to me when I asked her this “how come” question. She told me I had done it myself. Well, this is one of coaching obvious assumptions but it doesn’t appeal to you when you read it. I wish you to experience this priceless moment! However the hard work, you really have to do it yourself! I believe this will be possible with Malgosia. She will not judge or advice you but I’m sure she will help you to get where you really want to get.

Joanna Office Manager, Gdansk, Poland