I am available in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for face to face sessions or I welcome clients from around the world via Skype.

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“Thank you Malgosia for the most valuable coaching I received from you which shifted a lot of things in me like my own concepts about going to the next level of my business and earning more revenues. I had a great experience getting coached becuase you are such a wonderful coach who would always be there listening intently to what I expressed and sometimes I would not allow you to speak and wonder how much I am talking but at the end of all that I would get all my answers.

You provided such a safe and comfortable space I could express myself, reflect and get all my answers. I felt motivated to speak, safe to express and felt confident about myself and my insights. You asked me powerful questions and threw light on the right matters so I get the right perspective on things, people and of course on myself.

I feel like going on writing but just like the good coaching had to come to an end I want to sum it up by saying “Whoever gets a coach like you will be fortunate and certainly get the highest value and go to the next level they set for themselves.

Malgosia will help you cross the bridge.” Thank you very much!

Jaahnavi True Life Purpose & Mindfulness Coach, Bangalore, India