Creating awareness

When it comes to awareness we usually mistake it as for what’s going on around and behind us. We look at what others are doing and how they do it. However awareness is what’s “in us”. It is understanding of ourselves, our reactions, knowing our mind, values and beliefs. There are many philosophical thoughts around it but it comes down to a question:

How well do we know ourselves?

Gangaji wrote in “Hidden Treasure”:

“All of these stories teach us that we aren’t who we think we are. How we have defined ourselves is not the truth of ourselves. What we think we must have is already present, and when we think we have lost the value of our lives, it is still here if we know where to look”

I got inspired by this sentence and I truly believe we can create the self awareness and uncover what heart is saying and in the end find the value in life.

There are many ways of creating self awareness but here is a simple way of starting and reflect on:

  • Write a journal and see if there are any patterns in your life you like/ dislike
  • Think of your strengths and qualities and how can you develop them further.

Sometimes by simply writing things down and looking at it we gain the clarity and understanding of situation. Good luck!

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