Is Your Life Full of Possibilities?

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

(This article was originally written for Huffington Post and can be found here)

How often do you look at others who are achieving their dreams, assuming that they are unique and you do not have such possibilities or the risk is too big or the time is not appropriate?

While you find joy in certain aspects, there is usually something that you would like to achieve or change but somehow you never found courage to make a step towards it. Yes, it is difficult when you have your comfort zone and when you seem to be happy with where you are. Even when you know that change is important, there is always something that makes us stay in the same place.

You should know that there is always the chance to come out on top. Whether you are the type who fears the world changing or it is an event that is major in your life or you don’t start because you are afraid to fail, you can always find a way to deal with it and move towards your goal.

The thing to keep in mind is that this fear does not have to stop you. It is an obstacle, yes, but one that you can go over.

By not letting fear immobilize you, you are able to continue doing what you want to achieve. Even with the fear making things harder, and with the change bringing in some obstacles itself, there are still ways for you to deal with what is going on. For a lot of people, finding that way is difficult as you tend to focus on limitations instead of capabilities.

In order to live a life full of possibilities you need to learn how to recognize opportunities that come in your way. Very often a possibility conceals itself as problem and difficulty and in the end it could be the most unique opportunity showing your true vocation.

So treat difficulties as something that is conducive to your development and as a future benefit that you might not see yet.

When you are focused more on listing all things that could go wrong better think of this one reason it might work. Rather than remaining blind to all of the possibilities, make sure that you are considering the many ways that you can pull yourself up, explore and consider as many options and possibilities as you can.

Positive thinking and enthusiasm for new challenge will give you the strength and motivation to prolonged action and to take numerous chances and will give you nonattachment to failure so in the end you will manage to achieve your goal.

In order to skip limitations answer the questions:

  1. How would it be if there are no limitations and everything looked as if it would be possible?
  2. What does not allow me to live this way?
  3. Which limits are real and which are just beliefs?

See on what can you act and what can be left behind.

With the right attitude and assistance, anyone can deal with their changing lives and go towards achieving their dreams.

Nelson Mandela said “May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears”!


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