Multitasking is passé!

Multitasking has become the key and fashionable word that I see regularly in carrier coaching, job descriptions and in CVs.

We are constantly connected to communication networks and while we are performing our regular tasks and duties simultaneously we are trying to answer all emails, entries and requests from other people. With jumping from one subject to another we are moving forward but as a rule we rarely finish important job.

It might cause general dissatisfaction and feeling of lack of performance.

The key is to concentrate and focus on one activity at the time only. This is the simplest and nowadays the most difficult thing to do.

These are few simple rules that will help you to introduce one task mode:

1. Plan your day well!

Remember that 100% filled calendar is not effective at all. We need short breaks between tasks and meetings.

2. If you cannot finish the task in one day then determine at what stage you would like to be done in that day. Your mind will set on sequential operation so finishing the stage you wanted to finish will be a success itself.

3. Remember the principle DIFFICULT – SIMPLE – DIFFICULT. Performing tasks alternately supports the creativity and performance.

4. While performing one task we already often think about the next one waiting for us. If such a thought occurs, just make a note of it and return to it later on when you are done with what you are doing.

5. Don’t check your emails all the time and set your telephone for a silence mode so you do not waste unnecessary energy.

Remember – if everything is important then nothing is important! Establishing a hierarchy of tasks is essential in supporting your concentration!

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